Seminar theatre overview

Get informative and revealing insight from leading experts in our 280+ Seminar Programme.

The seminars are grouped together by theatre below. Select theatre name to view the seminars taking place across the two days.

  • Keynote

    Join the debate as leading experts explore the issues surrounding innovation in enterprise technology. Explore some of the hot topics that will enliven your visit to IP EXPO and inspire you to innovate within your own organisation after the event is over.

  • The IP EXPO Futures Den

    The Futures Den in conjunction with Tech Trailblazers provides the perfect environment for tech start-ups, IT Decision Makers and the IT Channel to meet and connect in a dedicated environment. Hear from cutting edge start-ups and gain insight into new and future technology. Listen to informal panel debates, focusing on the challenges that UK start-ups face – from surviving the early years to securing finance and preparing for exit.

  • Amazon Web Services Lab

    For the first time at a UK show, Amazon Web Services will be running a full programme of business, technical and live demo sessions. A unique opportunity to meet experts from one of the world’s leading Cloud providers.

    Amazon Web Services Lab
  • Architectures for Business Transformation

    Learn how architectures can help people connect, communicate and collaborate leading to effective transformation of your business.

    Architectures for Business Transformation
  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Benefit from increased flexibility and scalability without compromising on performance or control by deploying the right Cloud solution.

    The Cloud Infrastructure theatre provides in-depth coverage of every aspect of this game-changing technology.

    Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cyber Attack Remediation & Mitigation Theatre

    Identify, Respond, Remedy – the biggest and most rapidly evolving challenges to the Enterprise. Having visibility of what you can’t see is key to effective prevention and post-breach response.

    Cyber Attack Remediation & Mitigation Theatre
  • Solutions and Technology for Growth

    Cloud-hosted services and applications are transforming workplace IT, enabling faster deployment and easier maintenance.

    Find out how to improve your company's approach at the Solutions and Technology for Growth theatre.

    Solutions and Technology for Growth
  • Data Centre Optimisation

    The new issues facing data centre managers, from FCoE to Fabric Computing, server consolidation to virtualization.

    Optimise your company's data management and storage services to cope with the increasing demands placed on them.

    Data Centre Optimisation
  • Data Insight & Analytics Lab

    Organisations are now showing massive interest in mining vast stores of data to get meaningful answers to business questions.

    In this new lab for 2013 you’ll learn how to use data more effectively as a major competitive differentiator and embed analytics to transform information into insight and then action.

    Data Insight & Analytics Lab
  • Desktop Virtualization

    Connecting multiple devices to a single business network requires a well thought-out strategy that addresses the requirements of a wide range of end users.

    Attend the Desktop Virtualization theatre to learn about the challenges and solutions for organisations of all sizes.

    Desktop Virtualization
  • Enterprise Mobility Management

    Enterprise mobility is disrupting business and driving fundamental change within the IT department.

    The Enterprise Mobility Management theatre will enable IT Pro’s to prepare for the security, cost and governance challenges of developing and implementing a robust and successful mobility / byod strategy.

    Enterprise Mobility Management
  • The Hybrid Cloud Theatre

    Microsoft believes the hybrid cloud is key to helping you cloud optimise your business. They are working with businesses to reimagine their IT with the most comprehensive cloud offerings of any vendor (spanning public and private cloud), decades of experience in the enterprise, and over 15 years of offering cloud services to consumers and businesses.

    The Hybrid Cloud Theatre
  • Network Optimisation

    Successful businesses depend on smooth-running networks that continue to perform at full speed even when demand is at its peak.

    The Network Optimisation theatre offers practical advice and reports on industry developments allowing enterprises to maximise productivity and profitability.

    Network Optimisation
  • Simplifying IT - The Innovations Showcase

    Join Oracle & our specialised Partners to learn how the latest innovations can help simplify your IT and shift focus from operation to innovation. Understand how you can leverage new technologies & practices for a simpler world of IT - including real-world examples of how businesses like yours are preparing their data centre for the future today.

    Simplifying IT - The Innovations Showcase
  • Security & Governance

    IT systems are under attack - but for those responsible for defending them, it's getting harder and harder to anticipate where the next attack will come from or the form it will take.

    The Security & Governance programme features speakers not just with decades of experience but also the latest information on which threats pose the biggest risk to businesses and the best defences to mitigate against them.

    Security & Governance
  • Storage

    Storage is more than just data volume; it is an opportunity to enable business agility, growth and innovation. It will allow organisations to scrutinise new and existing types of data and content. It will drive a new era of business insight and answer questions previously undiscovered.

    The Storage theatre will arm IT teams with the knowledge to prepare their organisations and computing environment for Big Data.

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration (Virtual Track)

    Moving from 'command and control' to 'connect and collaborate' – learn about the positive impact public and private cloud models have had for users.

  • Virtualization & Cloud Theatre

    Reduced costs and simplified infrastructure make Server Virtualization an attractive proposition for all kinds of enterprises.

    Come to Virtualization & Cloud theatre to learn about the latest innovations and get the best out of new technology for your business.

    Virtualization & Cloud Theatre
  • VLab

    Get to grips with every aspect of virtualization and the benefits it could bring to your business. Share knowledge with other IT professionals and get practical advice on how to improve performance.

  • Wireless & Mobile

    Speed, reliability and ease of access are critical factors for business wireless networks. Choose the right solution and take advantage of improved productivity.

    Seminars in the Wireless and Mobile enable businesses of every size to take their wireless networks to the next level.

    Wireless & Mobile

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