7-8 October 2015 ExCeL London


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At many organisations, the seemingly unstoppable force of spiralling data volumes is close to hitting the barrier of limited disk capacity.

Across the board, Big Data is bigger than ever and new approaches are needed, whether that's wider deployment of solid state disk (SSD), implementation of scale-out NAS (Network Attached Storage) architectures or investigation of emerging approaches to storage virtualisation.

And if the challenges are big, so are the opportunities at hand for smart organisations making smart decisions about storage. Big Data is a chance to connect to customers, better judge their needs and preferences and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction and experience.

At IP EXPO, you will learn about the advances that are reshaping data storage environments, both on-premise and in the Cloud. Armed with this knowledge, they'll be better positioned to understand the limitations their organisations currently face and put in place strategies to accommodate new volumes of valuable data with ease.

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IP EXPO.  Earls Court 2. 16 -17 October 2013.



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